Greetings from the USA!


Hello, everyone!
So the site is finally done and i am starting to publish a lot of stuff about training, nutrition, lifestyle and my personal experience in the states.
Starting the website was an idea for a few months, the plan was to be in my best shape possible before launching it. However things happened a bit different and I  couldn’t achieve the desired result because i had other things going on and couldn’t dedicate myself to working out only. But as people say life is what happens to you while you’re making other plans.
I decided to start writing right now even when i am a bit out of shape. I want to show you how you can get fit even when your lifestyle is really busy and you’re under a lot of stress! Everything is possible! Stay in touch and keep an eye on my posts, i will keep you updated about everything considering fitness and my transformation. So join me on my journey!
I will share my experience in the USA, so the site won’t be only fitness oriented, you’ll be able to read my personal thoughts about everything considering life and personal growth.

Go and read the about to page to get to know me better and my mission and philosophy!

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And if you’ re interested in personal training, nutrition plans and workout programs, feel free to contact me!

Bye for now and remember – stay fitspirated!

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